MRI Scanner Details Form

MRI Scanner Details Form
Will the above person be the Primary Technical Contact? *
Primary Technical Contact is responsible for technical communications with Resonance Health and if applicable, the scanning of the FerriScan Phantom Pack (or test patient) to verify the correct acquisition protocol has been set up.
FAST is Resonance Health’s online portal through which image data is securely transmitted to us for analysis and where the results (reports) are downloaded. It is important that we only provide access to FAST to approved staff in your organisation.
Which service(s) would you like to set up for your organization? *
What type of MRI Scanner will you use? *
Please confirm the field strength of your scanner *
Can your scanner achieve a minimum TE of 6.0ms with a T2-weighted single spin echo (SE) sequence? *
Do you have a current Service Contract with your MRI manufacturer for regular maintenance? *
Cardiac T2* only – Is your scanner equipped with an ECG facility and a cardiac package with a multi-echo T2* sequence?
Cardiac T2* only – Is your scanner able to achieve a minimum TE ≤ 3ms (1st TE) and a maximum TE ≥ 16ms (8th TE) with a multi-echo gradient echo sequence?
How would the cost of the service(s) be funded at your centre? (tick any that apply) *
How did you hear about Resonance Health? *

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